Strange week

Actually it was a strange two weeks last week I easily dropped two pounds and this week I gained them back while not doing anything different. It was odd because there was a day during the week where I felt very sluggish and the next day the scale was up. Last night I went for margaritas and nachos and gained another pound. Hopefully I can recover. One thing that changed is my intake number was 1200 instead of 1154 and I get a big lax no matter what so it could be the overage of calories. I trimmed back but still ate well. Consistency is key I feel trimmer and healthier too but boy is this weightloss slow! It’s been 60 days and I am down 6 pounds total. It was 8 but that fell apart. I will stand strong and keep going. One challenge I face it find variety.

This morning I woke up feeling hollow. Blank stare and empty. It sucks ass feeling like that. Tomorrow I have an interview. I was listening to a show this morning and in the show they asked what success looks like I think I need to identify that completely.

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