<160 LBS!

Great news today the scale reflected less that 160 pounds. I am at 159.8. I am not sure what it will say on my official weigh in and photo day tomorrow but I don’t care. So what I find fascinating is without coffee I have a stronger resolve, like I don’t care about the craving or the change and I will just plan my day to include the things I want. And I don’t feel weak. Its fascinating to me that is removed that added impulsivity and it happened almost immediately. Tell me caffeine is not a drug? Seeing the differences without it, I am done with it completely. I will never drink it again. On the weekend I have been treating myself to matcha latte’s but that has been it. I don’t love them but its something different and I feel like I am getting a treat. Monday my kid starts back up with Math. I don’t think she will be happy with that; but I think she should start and give herself time to get used to just that course. I am pretty excited and I am hoping she will enjoy the program so much that we will keep it next year as well but do a live class. I hope. I have been contemplating swtiching things up at work so I can do the weekly bowling thing. I am going to use planner with her again this year too.

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