Its interesting to me that when I stopped drinking coffee within a few days I wanted to get track with my health and fitness. Since I stopped I have been eating healthier. I am down 5 pounds. My resting heart rate is almost 10 beats per a minute less but also a change I have noticed is that I am more controlled. Staying on track with my health is much easier without the daily dose of caffeine. It is odd to me that it would cause that and I think its interesting. Yes, I get hungry. Yes I have treats but I am clear in my mind about what I want. I don’t feel like I am going to go on crazy binge of three months. I know that making healthier choices for less calories will make it so when I want to have a higher calorie treat it won’t be as horrible. Tomorrow night I plan to have chili for dinner with cheese on it and tostitos. The sodium usually throws me off but totally worth it.

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