down 3.2 pounds

I am on my second week of integrating fitness into my workouts and I feel great. I am less tired and I am stronger. I have noticed I am much slower but I will build back up to be more fit and stronger. I want to have a better booty.

I am proud of my changes but also a little bit sad that I am only down 3.2 pounds in one month. I feel like it should be at least five but I need to be realistic. When you start to eat healthier and try lose weight its a process of finding what works. I also have been vigilant about my calories but I have been realistic in that I am not being too hard on myself over the process. Like I am not being over the top stringent over my calories which is probably why its only 3.2. But I have a friend who always used say you could be 3.2 pounds up.

On this journey I have stopped drinking coffee and my resting heart rate has reduced almost by 8bpm. I also took note that last night I had two beers and today my heart was a little bit higher. I am loving doing step aerobics.

So I also do weekly measurements and I am happy to report some slight changes. I am down and overall of .52 inches and my bmi is 26.11. I almost lost a pound last week. LOL Wow. My waist and chest are 34 inches, I am built like a block. I’ll keep at it and love these changes I am making. I am very proud of myself.

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