162.2 today. I know From experience that weight loss is a long slow journey and maybe you
will see results on the scale or maybe you won’t. Ohe thing I have noticed that is always
sure to give me a higher number is when I eat frozen foods, in particular frozen pizza.
I’ve decided to start doing step 3-6 days a week. I did it last night! I really just want
to get moving to see if I can change my waist and butt measurements. They are just 50
slow to move. I saw a great short with a person saying how do I get rid of my double
chin, and said no to face yoga, no to whatever else, then she said by burning more
calories than I consume. It’s kind of funny but we always look for these quick fixes.
Coming from a mother who was obsessed with the quick fixes for 40 years, I never wanted
to try them. The only one I got caught into the idea of is the liquid meals (shakes) I
have no idea why but that has always been a fascination for me. It never really works. So
I tend to just use them sporadically. I used to think they gave me energy but I am not
certain that is the case anymore. I am over a month without coffee. I had been craving a
special “drink”
so I got a match a latte. It was pretty good. My daughter made a great
analogy; she said it tasted like pennies. LOL. So I am 17 pounds from goal weight. I have
always found as I get closer I am like geez isn’t this good enough lol. I would actually
like be around 135 but I can’t imagine getting there at this point or ever last time I
saw that was around 2004. I was mad I was 138 pounds and needed to lose that in my head.
Happy Monday everyone. Be kind to yourselves and enjoy this week.
Ln 3, Col 67
Windows (CRLF)
on Missiles ein.

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