And I am up almost 2 pounds

So I jumped right in and started counting calories and I think perhaps I went to low at my deficit or something because I suddenly gained two pounds. I spent the weekend walking and exercising. It felt good. I avoided having a beer last night to make sure my calories came in right and I am up .4 more pounds this morning. I will keep at it. I have been eating turkey meatloaf that I made with an onion soup mix and sometimes foods like that make me retain water. As long as I stay consistent and keep trying I am okay.

This morning I started doing a tracy anderson workout, I am liking her method. I am going to buy the thing to her site but first I want to cancel my gym membership that I do not use. And some other stuff to save money. I got to a part where she used a chair and I stopped because guess what I don’t have a chair lol.

Funny when I saw the scale up I went right to the idea of coffee, no I will not do that. My body will balance out eventually and I will figure out the problem area that I am creating. I will try to bring up the notch on drinking more fluids.

Either way I am proud of myself in my return to try to lose the 20 pounds.

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