Why I quit coffee and maybe you should too

For the past twenty years or more I have drank coffee. When I first started it was with cream and sugar but as the years have gone by I cut out the sugar and the cream, but then added the cream. I have quit a few times but I always went back. The addiction is real. First the idea of quitting takes months to sink in before I do it because its not just a drink you actually start to feel like you need it. Maybe you don’t but I did! I would enjoy my coffee sitting around working, have it before a meeting, a mid-morning snack to hold my over till lunch. I drank 2 – 5 cups a day.

Why would I even want to quit? For every article you find that they state how coffee is actually good for you consider how much money is made in that industry before you just take the words of the article. A lot of this non profit research foundations are skewed or paid off; try researching the connections. But to not go all conspiracy on you, I knew I needed to make a change when my anxiety was through the roof and the dark circles around my eyes looked horrible. I couldn’t think straight. Then a friend told me he stopped drinking coffee and I realized I was ready too. I vowed to be done but it took me two more weeks before really doing it.

I knew I wanted to do it so I started researching why I should do this. The videos and articles and books about how horrible coffee is for you (not just the caffeine) are endless. When you see the drug for what it is you will see others in how stuck they are standing around at the coffee shops and needing it to get started.

My experience so far (only two weeks free), has been a positive one but also eye opening. Within the first 24 hours I had a headache. Within three days I had severe back and leg pain. I was exhausted. The worst of the withdrawals ended by day five. At least the obvious ones. I did have a headache again this past week which is uncommon but it was a stressful day. I had been suffering mentally with stress, anxiety and depression. I had been unable to exercise or commit to get healthy.

Since I stopped drinking coffee, actually by day 4 or so I wanted to take better care of myself. It seems stupid to me that my hot coffee could cause this and maybe it was not a direct correlation but the anxiety and stress created with it helped a lot. I literally felt like I had no time left for anything. Since I have stopped I have felt the pangs of joy and revival to memories that are joyful. I have felt much less stressed. My heart rate is almost 10 beats slower. I’ve read coffee helps with weight loss and it was part of why I stayed addicted but I am 20 pounds over weight.

Since I have started to move around more I am less sore and stiff. I have also started eating much better. I am proud of myself.

One more thing I have noticed is my skin is looking so much better. I look younger and feel better! I also noticed I have weird vivid dreams, which I have mentioned hear.

It has been a great decision for me and I am not going back. I went back in the past because of dumb reasons but I want to live the rest my years free of that chemical.

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