Excited about this

I am excited! I am excited to be back on track! I am looking forward to the next year and how I will achieve my goals! How the heck the simple change of quitting coffee woke this up in me is beyond me! But it did and I am so excited to care for my body and appreciate its worth. I love the difference I am feeling mentally by kicking this habit. I am also noticing a big difference in my state of being hungry! I feel less hungry without coffee, which is great since I just cut back on calories.

One of the things that I adore about a weight loss channel I follow on Youtube, thecollets is that they love what the do, they love the journey. I love the journey too, and I want to. Its about having fun and enjoying life and finding ways to enjoy your food still too. I am 19 pounds away from my goal. I want to be a hot 50 year old. I am going to achieve this. Not just about being trim but being fit too. I love this focus.

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