Could it be??

Part of what has made me shy away from dropping coffee is the weight loss effects. I have always been told that it is an appetite suppressant as well as helps you lose weight by picking up your adrenaline. What if that wasn’t true? I am a week free off coffee and drinking water or tea instead (mostly water) and I am less hungry and want to eat my breakfast later. I like to fast longer in the morning and feel like its better for me personally as well I prefer working out first then eating. It doesn’t always happen but its my preference.

It could be my body adjusting to the hormone changes but oddly I also started eating a calorie deficit and I am not noticing the hunger difference like I thought I would. Every time I have dieted I always had coffee in hand because I felt like it filled me up and now I am wondering if I had always done it all wrong. I am not feeling the crash and I am not feel that drop of total starvation. It’s quite nice. I am excited and proud of myself. What if this change is the key to those ups and downs too; where I could consistently feel like me and more positive. I am fascinated that this change has made a difference for me so quickly in terms of calmness and clarity.

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