So today I did my measurements and it was not pretty! My waist is large. This is okay I am ready to get back on track to take care of me. I have started with counting calories and properly portioning. Small steps towards making things better. I am officially one week out from being caffeine free. I was reading a book about quitting coffee and its not just the caffeine that make coffee so horrible there are tons of chemicals in it as well, which somehow I was blissfully unaware of!

I am also a strong advocate for fit trackers. Not because of motivation, though it did that when I was younger, it doesn’t anymore. The other tracking parts, like my heart rate; are fascinating to me. This data is key. Last year when my work started to lay on the stress my heart rate increased and it hasn’t come down since. That is called stress. I was around 54 heart rate; now I am 60. I am going to work at getting exercise.

After exercising just a few days I am already less achy when I stand. I already notice subtle differences. My plan is to start doing weights, step and walk / jog. I have been bringing my daughter with me too. She is such a good kid. I want so badly to make better choices to give her a better happier life than this.

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