Day 1 Back…

I jumped all in today, I did photos and measurements. And counted calories as well as weighed in. I am astonished with how much mind feels happier and better without caffeine. I am going to research the mood altering affects of coffee because I am curious about the information that might exist. For the past three year I have struggled, with everything that has been going on and I know I have stopped drinking coffee here and there. But it all kind of blends together and I wonder if the stress of work tied with stress creation by caffeine was just too much. I am also looking forward to the effects I might see related to my skin improving as well as the dark circles and psoriasis.

In terms of measurements my waist has seen the worst of it. It always does, I gain weight there first. I just want to be healthy and the idea of going into 50 being fit seems pretty sweet to me.

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