Trying to find my gusto

I have been trying to find my motivation to get back to my calorie deficit. After two months of contemplation I have decided to stop drinking coffee. I know if you google this there are million reasons why it’s “healthy” or good for weight loss but the truth is it becomes so consuming and anxiety producing for me that I am better off not drinking it. The problem that I tend to have is staying off coffee. Its just because I only drink water and I’ll try to drink tea out of boredom but I just crave something different. Any suggestions would be great. I know that its terrible for me as the withdrawal from it is always a nightmare. I am excited to be calm. Less stressed out. Less obsessed. This week I will attempt fitness in the morning instead of coffee. Want to hear something else craszy about when I stop drinking coffee? I have so much more free time. Stupid I know. Maybe this week I can get back on task with calories too. I am going to stay positive and strong.

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