Bloated and gassy

The past ten years have been so challenging. In 2017 after losing weight and getting my life on track, I inherited my mother. That was stressful but worse was that 4 months later I found out she had cancer. That was a year long fight. I also changed jobs because my job was a disaster for me. That was extremely stressful and just when you think things are settling down covid started. And from there it turned into all the rioting and realizing things weren’t what I thought they were. I ended up changing my job at again this April and honestly there was a lot of other stressful crap in the mix but that was everything we all had deal with. Today, I said enough is enough I need to get on track then I ate chips and ice cream. My stomach is so bloated. I don’t want to keep on this gross path of eating poorly then feeling bad about my garbage decisions. I have so many bags of chips in my cupboard right now. I don’t even know why. I am sheer misery living with people I don’t want to live with like I’d rather be with my ex. I am hating this. So, I need to get on track for myself and my “family”

The question is how? I feel like I am going to barf. Every night I am full of gas and sick feeling. Do you drink coffee?

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