Weeks can roll into years.

Maybe it’s the time of year but I just can’t seem to get back on track. I am feeling lazy and horrible. Is it January and February pit? I actually can’t believe its already February! I fell off the wagon and I have floundered around unable to get back on track. I have been completely distracted with finishing school with my daughter, learning REACTJS, and finding a new job. Interviewed for a job last week that I am very interested in and I hope I get an offer and it all pans out for me. I am ready to go. With that said, what can I do to try to get myself back on track? I feel so listless an disinterested in getting back. I know I want to lose 15 more pounds still. I have already gained three back. Okay, this is it! Here I am. I will eat a normal dinner and try my hardest to be healthful and well. Not just throw cheese and butter on stuff with no regard to calories. I had chips at lunch time. An egg and cheese English muffin for breakfast with butter. And its not horrible but for me this is how I drift upwards. I have been reluctant to post because I feel so disinterested. I keep thinking I want to get to the gym or buy a treadmill. What if I just start ONE task at a time. I have been putting everything important off. It started with the covid shutdown and here I am 2 plus years out still not taking care of any of these things.  Okay, so I am going to do this. Tonight I will exercise after dinner. No cocktails. I will have a small dessert that is sugary but does not have flour.

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