Weight Loss Secrets, how to get on track

Other people find success in weight loss so HOW do you find success too? This article I will share my secrets to getting yourself back on track and into that weight loss state of mind!

Weight loss takes an exceptionally long time, so part of why you hear the words lifestyle change so much is because often you will be doing this for a long time. Find a weight loss program that works well for you. What exactly does that mean? Anytime you eat at a calorie deficit you will lose weight. If you choose to do NOOM, weight watchers, or KETO it does not matter! Because you should enjoy the process, be able to maintain it, and like what you are eating. The reason low-calorie high-volume works for me is because I feel like I am getting a good portion, yet it is low calories.

So back to it, to get on track you need to be ready.

  • Prepare meal ideas and food
  • Also prepare by doing things to keep yourself motivated. For me, those things are:
    • daily weigh-ins
    • calorie tracking
    • weekly measurements

Whenever I stop doing these things, my interests in weight loss start to fade (every single time). For some people stepping on the scale every day is a negative thing. Please do what works best for you. The reason weighing myself everyday helps me when I am actively trying to lose weight is because:

  1. I can see how foods interact with my body, it is all scientific and data analysis
  2. It keeps me focused and reminds me of what I am doing at the start of every day

In closing, give yourself a break. You got this and will find the focus. Weight loss is not a sprint but a lifelong process. Please take enjoyment in how you live, while treating your body well.

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