I am 46 years old. In my 20s I walked, ran, and did step aerobics. I considered myself to be fit! Which has been interesting since when I was younger, I was a smoker (from age 13-21), and I was not athletic. In my early 30s I had my daughter and I struggled to find myself again. I was not one of those mothers who was great at balance and doing things for my family and myself. I was lost and struggled to find balance for years!

It was not until my daughter was around 8 that I started working out again. I did this thing where I decided to commit to fitness to battle off depression and it worked! But then my mother moved in in 2017 and I fell apart. Life had taken an unexpected turn and I did not love it. Fastforward to now, I am still floundering. I have decided that I am going to refocus my efforts on fitness because I am getting old and want to be strong and fit. Do not get me wrong, I still manage to walk a few miles a couple of days a week, but I want to work out more than that. I would like to get back to jogging.

So, I was contemplating buying a treadmill. I had one many years ago and used it all the time and loved it. But will I still enjoy it? I like being outside more than on the treadmill. It is a huge financial investment, and the part that bugs me the most about treadmills is they weigh a ton!

I also love step aerobics. I am a huge fan of Jenny Ford Fitness. I also love lifting weights. So, I am kind of up in the air. I also am a mother of a daughter who is 12 going on 13 and she needs exercise too. I have been contemplating just getting a treadmill for here and going to classes twice a week with her for kickboxing. It would be a fun way for her and me to get fit and get out of the house.

I decided to write this down because it has been on my mind, and I have yet to commit to anything other than simple walks. What do you do for fitness? What do you recommend?

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