Salty Chips

I desperately want to leave my current job and I have been searching for a new opportunity. Looking everywhere, but because it is the holiday season and the end of the year people have been slow to get back to me. At least that is what I hope? Anyway, I have been stressed with this, that, and the other! You know how I feel. I am happy 2021 is ending and my goal is to move on to a new opportunity as soon as possible.

We had real potato chips here due to the upcoming holiday. I have had them three times since they have been here and every single time, I feel bloated. It makes me wonder what is really in those potato chips? It cannot be just potatoes and salt. I did some research and what I found was those foods high in sodium cause bloating in general. As I go into phase two of losing the rest of the weight that I started to try to lose back in June 2021, I am going to pay special attention to sodium. Do you wonder if highly addictive foods like this put other stuff in their foods that they do not list?

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