During the holidays

Somehow during the holidays also equates to right now, a few days before, I am surrounded by extra good eats. My plan is just trying to maintain and backing away from weight loss until after Christmas where I plan to go back into weight loss mode. I think that said in order to stick with this I need to be really to still log on my calories! Which I have not because I have that mindset if I am not all in then why bother then I snowball into being all out! So my goal and plan is to be honest with myself and allow myself the Christmas goodies and just being in maintenance mode. I’ll let you know how it’s going! My return weight loss mode is 12/27. For some odd reason 27 and 28 are days that always seem to work well for me in terms of starting anew.

With that said this is not a get out fat free card. My goal is to still eat low calorie eats but allow for that Christmas snack IF it appears. Not to go out and find them. I don’t need extra calories as my body does not use them!

To anyone reading this please have a wonderful holiday whatever you celebrate. Happy New Year! And be kind to yourself.

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