Ok, so you have decided to lose weight! All the diet books say to cut out alcohol, but you don’t drink that much maybe a glass a wine after dinner or a beer or two a night. Maybe three nights a week you have a drink? Maybe on the weekends you have two or three drinks? So this is interesting to me because I never considered myself a big drinker. My ex used to drink a six pack each night and on the weekends and Wednesdays he’d drink more. With that I also drank more with him. We haven’t been together for many years but old habits die hard. I would have a drink each night and sometimes on the weekend I have 2-3 drinks on Friday or Saturday. Or both! For a stretch my favorite time to drink was at 3pm! I’d have two or three drinks. Geez, does this make me a drunk?

When I started trying to lose weight I decided to cut back on my cocktails. I decided to limit myself to a drink on Saturday or every other Saturday. I have found the less I drink the less I want to drink. I am looking forward to having no more beer in my fridge! I prefer not to have it. This past weekend I went for margaritas and though I had a good time I felt terrible the next day. And it wasn’t that great. Tons of calories, sugar, and dehydration. I don’t feel less fun because lately everything has been stressful and less fun. I have fun doing stuff without drinks.

This topic is interesting to me because I have always enjoyed cocktail hour.

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