Halloween Halloween – Trick or Treat!

TREAT!!! Ok, I had too much chocolate yesterday!! I am still here and still hanging tough but refused to weigh in this morning! Not after a weekend of margaritas and chocolate! No way!!! It’s almost like I think I will gain all my weight back. I am going to plan for 4 days of fitness this week. No matter I do I will put forward this plan. I need to get back to fitness and strength building and I believe that key will help me to regain some of my focus. There is a lot to be said about fitness tied in with eating right! My goals for this week are: Be a better more loving person, work out 4 times and stick to my diet plan.

In other news I will consider all interviews this week! No matter the pay scale. I feel like I have missed opportunities due to my compulsive and anxious nature. I willl focus on prayer and self forgiveness.

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