Fallen off the diet wagon, what now?

If you are like me, when you fall off the wagon you lay on the ground for way too long! Well that is what I did in the past! I am not going to do that this time! This past month has been heinously stressful. I am struggling to deal with it and stay afloat. I have been keeping health and fitness within my mind but its a struggle. If you are like me and probably a lot of other people when you fall off the wagon you don’t easily jump back up but then just one more of this or that or this week is ruined anyway.

Okay so maybe you are like me and YOU won’t see a weight loss on the scale if you fall off a day! But I know this is true too, if I don’t get back on the wagon I will gain weight as it comes on much easier than off! And eating JUNK is easier than not! Despite my stress and feeling horrible eating badly will NOT make me feel better (or you!) So how do we recover when we are stressed beyond?

It’s really about taking a pause and hitting the root of the problem and taking time for diet and exercise! We need a strategy on how to deal with the problem at hand and not drive ourselves crazy or self destruct. How do you deal with your stress point? I don’t have that answer. Mine is work related I need to make some decisions quickly and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Another aspect that can help us get through the stress and strain is fitness! I started my week saying three days I will work out this week and here it is already Thursday! Today I will work out. I don’t like taking such a large span between working out.

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