WEIGHT LOSS – I thought I had it all figured out!

It took me several weeks when I first started trying to lose weight to find my mojo. But when I finally did I was doing great! I wouldn’t say perfect but the weight was starting to come off consistently and I felt like I had good ideas for different recipes and treats. And I did! But I didn’t account for the set back I would endure from stress. I kept chugging along but the stress just keeps increasing. I would not say I am off the wagon but I am not moving forward and for reasons I understand. Its not like I am not moving forward because I don’t know why, its very clear that I am consuming too many calories. I am just maintaining a set weight which is okay but its not my goal weight. Tomorrow is the 24th, and I am great when it comes to be in the 20 days of the month for getting back on track. Tomorrow I will chop chop. I am NOT weighing in until Tuesday though because I did eat ice cream and a salty breakfast. And I don’t want to see the reflection! Tomorrow I am aiming for five waters!

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