Overcome the plateau

So I was doing a little research on how to get past a plateau. I am definitely stuck. I haven’t gone UP but I have stagnate and really not having a ton of drive. Here are some ways to get past it:

  1. Fitness! Increase your fitness even a little bit will make a difference.
  2. Accountability! Make sure you are tracking your calories, all of them! Its so easy to get sidetracked with this and to think you are counting everything. Its easy to LIE to yourself. Don’t do it!
  3. Reduce Calories! Make a slight decrease in calories, even 50 calories might make a difference to wake your body up!
  4. Hydrate! Last but not least drink more water!

So I am notorious for #2 and #4! I will often slipped into the habit of extra calories with small things like extra coffee or pretzels! And I often forget to drink water! So I will try to pick up more water as well as be very cautious about my calorie intake.

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