Holding Strong!

So its interesting to me I have been successful at staying to this even though I have suffered a lapse of going all in! I am still doing well and trying to chip away! I have a vision of 150 lbs! I know I can do this. I will not stop! So I need to get through my current situation I have going on at work. I need to move forward from that. I dreamed of blogging for dollars and I love doing it but what I have to say truly isn’t that interesting or valuable! Its just me rambling on and on! I have 4 blogs, that I do this in! I am spread a bit thin right now because of stress not because of this. When I am stressed out I do this, I get focused on a million other things! What you do when you are stressed? I think its funny I aim my focus on everything else! I have avoided cleaning for weeks and weeks. I have been in a state of unhappy. I guess the best thing for me to do is create a list that will organize myself and move forward instead of not taking care of the stuff that is important!

So yes, with my weight gain the past two years I also ignored things in my life that need to be addressed. I know we all do it. But … Ok I am going to create a list and try to take action so I can focus on what matters. Kid, Work, and Me.

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