Weigh in day and I am not doing it

I don’t even want to know what the scale says. I have been stressed out with work and I don’t want to know. Last night I had a burger for dinner. It was ok, I was craving it. It’s been a long while. But I know the scale reflects these small things really quickly for me and I don’t want to know. I am using yesterday as my zigzag day and moving on with my life today.

This morning I am up at 3:31 am. Yesterday 3:33 am. I am one of those number people that think these things are signs. I am just so stressed out. I had hoped to have a solution for my issues but I feel like I do not. This weekend I need prepare a strategy either way. I feel pretty disgusted but if I want to move forward with an “opportunity” I have no other choice. I had interviewed for a local job I really wanted and my first round went super well but round two was HORRIBLE. And I have spent ever after doing damage control. And it didn’t work. I feel pretty confident that someone else did a better job of presenting themselves than sick me. Yes, I had a cold. So here I am scrambling but I am too late. 10/22 is next week.

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