And then you catch a cold

I don’t know about you but I haven’t been sick with a cold since before the covid drama started. Probably due to being locked in my house. I have been going out and about more often lately so I must of picked it up somewhere. So this week I have a cold and its interesting that I have zero hunger but at the same time I want to eat garbage. How is this possible? I don’t feel like bothering with food that requires my time. I’m looking forward to feeling better. Today my temperature is somewhat normal with motrin and I am feeling slightly better. So hopefully this weekend will be better too. I want to get back to diet and fitness. Today I will try harder with healthier choices. Just interesting how my sense of taste is duller and that I am less hungry but still I want to have junky foods? Like what? It’s like I think its a time to be horrible. Like this bad choice will make me feel better! Wrong. I wonder where I caught this cold from since I do so little.

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