Back on the wagon

I don’t know that I’d call it a plateau because I was exercising an hour a day and I have slipped off. This morning I did cardio bright and early! Will also walk later. I have been picking up extra studying in an attempt to leave my job for something more creative. I’m pretty excited about the venture. I know I need to make a swap. The run it will pay off in terms of my health. With that said I am back to full focus on my diet and health. I am not done! I have a goal I need to hit!! At the very least I will get to 145. I had been going at such a good clip before I was dreaming of 130. As I see how slow and difficult the weight is to come off when I am not 150% in it I am not sure! I never stopped watching caloric intake but I did creep a little higher than 1150 a day and I would NOT say it was out of hunger as much as I have been stressed out.

The challenges I am facing, home schooling my daughter on limited time, while she is reluctant the entire time. Ok wait if she knows she will lose her phone she will pretend to be happy doing her work but ONLY if I am vigilantly by her side helping with questions and reading to her. We are talking 2-4 hours work extra a day. I work full time. I am going to school part time and I want to exercise for an hour. It was working out for a bit but I was not studying! Then I got an interview and realized how much I need to focus on my studies again. And of course I love blogging. Ya I don’t have much of a social life.

It’s ok I am back to doing my best. I will keep pushing forward.

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