Over indulgence!

So on the weekend I have a zigzag day or two. So far this has been effective for me but this past two weekends have not! I had too much Chinese food and drinks this weekend. I had two drinks and Sunday instead of trying to drink tons of water I had some water and somehow I am up two pounds today. Ok, I say “somehow” but I know how! I realize the key things I did wrong. For starters I had too much food and I didn’t try to restrict enough when it came time for dinner. The first issue is going out with someone who orders a TON of food, with the second issue being I had two drinks and I didn’t work to hydrate myself the next day. I realize the gain is not permanent but it shows how easily the scale with fluctuate. So as much as I don’t like being crazy stringent I do think its important to identify a strategy moving forward.

Dining Out ZigZag Strategy

  • Restaurant meals need to be portioned before you start to eat.
  • Aim for a vegetable with a protein.
  • Stay hydrated. Sometimes that is a challenge because you are busy or don’t feel thirsty. When you drink a bunch of coffee and have mixed drinks your body will pay the price
  • The social aspect of eating out feels good but its important to not do as others around you even if you think why not? They are eating whatever they want! Stop and realize just being it tastes good doesn’t mean its good for your body.
  • These are all important because when you reach a goal of 15 lbs lost then spend the next week or two trying to get back to it, that sucks!

Choose your health, do you noom?

Do you noom? I am curious about those who have had success with noom. I love the concept of the positive psychology, the groups and coaches. Everyday you study the topics and articles they present you. They basically educate you about diet, exercise, and how to think in a more positive way about health and fitness. I started this program and I used it about a month. It wasn’t long enough but I lose interest because I had only lose a couple pounds and once I missed a day I felt behind. They changed the format from the original concept, slightly. Its a little more relaxed and if you miss a day you don’t feel like you have failed.

I guess I kind of do my own version of it. I have always been better at doing my own thing than following a program. I am not much for following directions.

I am always a fan of positive psychology and positive thinking. If you can change your mind set to look for the silver lining that makes a big difference.

One of the concepts they pushed with the original version of noom that I believe is no longer on there is weighing yourself daily. This has always been something that works well for me when I am trying to be more self aware. If I don’t look, it falls apart and I go off the wagon. I know not everyone is like this but for me I prefer to be aware of the scale and effects that foods and activities have on the scale. I know I have written about noom before but I always love contemplating the different plans and how effective they are!

Weight Gain Crazy Train

You are at the place of realizing you need to do something. You are overweight and depressed. Some of us get the point where we start experience health issues created by our gain. High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, back and knee pain, etc. Maybe your experience isn’t like mine where I started to experience health issues like moving very slow, labored and pains. But the worst thing for me is what is in my head. When I am out of control with my diet I eat whatever I want and I think I’ll deal with it later. But later comes back every single day and night. At the end of the day my true mental suffering would begin when I’d either beat myself up for another day of eating poorly or I’d start strategizing for the diet I would start.

So the question is how do we get off the weight crazy train? I knew last December I was ready to make changes but I wanted to have my surgery first. I kept procrastinating. After I had the surgery I had planned to start right away but I didn’t. I really took it easy and it was actually the right thing for me. It was time for me when my daughter was so embarrassed by my appearance. Don’t get me wrong she’s always embarrassed by me, as she’s 12 but I was embarrassed too.

So far I am down 15 pounds and I have 23 left to go! I am excited at how great I am doing. My sports bras are finally started to not choke my rib cage! I can’t believe how tight they were, I was struggling to breath!! I feel like the diet industry makes it seem elusive and complicated. It’s hard and takes a long time but you and I can do this. It’s one step at a time, one healthy day at a time. The best place to start is drinking more water and reducing calories to be at a deficit. Find food replacements that are lower calorie and let you feel full and treated! It’s essential for me to count calories and weigh myself. Its how I stay focused. Once you get into a groove, its contagious and you don’t want to go back. It’s positive and feels so good. I am 83 days into my journey.

So the first step to get away from being unhealthy is a step to not. It sounds dumb but if you put in that effort to track each of these changes and really focus on it like you would if you were researching a new task at work. Your body and you come first. Without your health, you have nothing. I’m not saying it easy, but I will say ITS WORTH IT.

Depression and weight

Because I had a hysterectomy but kept my ovaries, I still experience pms. In terms of what I had experienced before its insignificant! So please don’t let this sway you from potentially getting a hysterectomy, if you are at that crossroad! This decision was a difficult one for me but the right choice based on the suffering I had experienced.

With that said I have been doing great with eating better and exercising but this past week, I hit a brick wall, not wanting to exercise or do anything. Oddly, I actually felt like my joints ached and I was a lethargic. I have walked a couple of times this week but overall I didn’t do a lot.

One thing I have done, is stick to my diet! Because throughout this process I learned you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. There are no truer words than that. If you think because you work out you can eat whatever you want, I have bad news for you. You are either young or have an exceptional metabolism. The bad news is youth fades fast and metabolism can also change based on your hormones. So my point is that I knew I needed to be vigilant and stay with healthy eating at a calorie deficit.

But I did take some time off from fitness. I also had a week of heavy meetings and stress. We all know that fitness helps with stress. But yet here I am. So please don’t think because I am so focused, because I blog about my journey, because I am far from perfect. I am like you, and have days that I fall apart.

It’s ok to have feelings of sadness or stress but its what you do after you experience those feelings that makes the difference. Do you stay in a world of suffering or take steps to get back and love yourself! I choose love, where I get up and do my best.

The scale didn’t move as much this week and I wasn’t as hungry due to the lack of exercise but that’s ok. I want to get back to doing step, as I love that! And I also enjoy weight lifting. So here is to experiencing your feelings and emotions and being ok with those feelings.

Come So Far Yet Still So Chubby

I am so proud of the 15 pounds I have lost so far! I had bought clothing after we had come out of lockdown, knowing full well I was porkier. I think its ridiculous that clothing designers upped the size of clothing so interestingly I could not fit into my size 10’s at home but the new version of size 10’s fit me. Anyway, that is stupid and not the point. Today I have to actually leave the house for an appointment. With that said I got dressed and decided to throw on a pair of my old size 10’s, they “jeggings.” So they have the stretch everything. They are so tight on me and show off all the spots that are still very chubby. It was great getting them over my butt but, disappointing how far I need to go still.

My starting weight when I started trying to lose was the highest weight I had ever been. But I also find it interesting that after losing 15 pounds I feel thin! Because I have so much to go! I am amazing how the mind works and how you feel about things going along. I am far from at a healthy weight for my frame but I just wanted to come here and say my piece because I like to!

What am I doing wrong, I’m not losing weight?

This question comes up at least once a month and I also asked that same question when I first started. Here are some of the reasons why you may not be seeing weight loss when you first start trying to lose weight.

Again, disclaimer that I am not a dietician or a healthcare worker. This is my own experience through trial and error and I am still working on it! I have lost 15 lbs and I need to lose 25 lbs!

When I started my journey I was starving and seeing a 1 pound weight loss every two weeks. And that was a touchy 1 pound that could go up at any second.

  1. Calorie deficit. I started out with 1250 and I was deducting my calories burned so I’d more than the 1250 but I burn at least 200-500 calories a day. That didn’t work for me, I went with the calorie count from tdeecalculator.net and I stopped deducting the calories burned.
  2. Be Honest. Be honest about everything you eat. I know sometimes we think, oh its just one cookie. Yes, it is but add it to your daily totally of food intake because you will see that maybe your calories are too high and that is why? Sometimes it easier to think there is something wrong than to be honest with ourselves! You are only lying to yourself.
  3. You don’t have to be hungry or perfect! Just because you are on a diet and possibly doing a calorie deficit doesn’t mean you have to change all of your food choices and go to be starving! Yes, you will need to make some adjustments because maybe you weren’t eating healthy before. Replacing snacks with fruit or veggies is always great but don’t be afraid to treat yourself. Searching for high volume, low calorie recipes!

When people post this question in groups, I totally understand where they are coming from. Its difficult to be in that position because you want it to start happening. The only recommendation that is true is stay positive, keep trying and mix things up. Try things on a week to two week basis. Watch the scale and drink a lot of water. Just know that you are taking positive action instead of sitting there feeling bad for yourself!

3 Reasons why Slow and Steady Weight Loss is BETTER

When did you first realize weight loss and fitness ads where junk? I was probably in my 20’s, when I realized that the people they showed in ads probably worked out for a career and they probably didn’t even do the fitness they are selling. I think it was the fitness machine called the Gazelle that made me realize. It was the most non-workout, workout that I had ever done!

We even see it on youtube now, the youtubers that market their experience as how I lost 30 pounds in 30 days. Are you kidding me? I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I cannot imagine that type of weight loss, if its possible, is remotely healthy for your body or sustainable.

So for as impatient as I am, so weight loss is better for a couple reasons:

  1. Education. So while it takes a long time and you dream of the instant fix, the slow weight loss teaches you how to live your life this new and healthier way. But it also teaches you, it took this long when you let yourself go to get back to a place you feel proud of, so don’t do it again! Love yourself!
  2. Appreciation. I kind already said this tied in with the education point, but you will appreciate your loss and value your hard work.
  3. Health. You want to lose the weight for health reasons, not just your blood pressure but there are mental health issues associated with the weight as well. Its depressing just letting yourself go and being obsessively negative (that was how it was for me) about my image. When you lose rapidly again, it cannot be healthy to put your body into this rapid loss mode, what creates that could be causing other problems.

Artificial Sweeteners

You need to lose more than 30 pounds, and you don’t know where to start. You want to be all natural, organic and healthy so you’d NEVER eat an artificial sweetener, they are worse for you! Are they? I have always been against eating fake sweeteners but lets be real here….if you are over weight and eating tons of processed foods and sugars, opting to switch to a correctly portioned artificially sweetened food is a healthier choice than you are currently making.

This was difficult for me to understand and for years I had been against these products. If you are eating them sparingly and in place of sugar, there is nothing wrong with that.

We all want to clean eat, and have organic eats. Its pretty expensive and challenging! Especially if you don’t eat this way at all! But when you are demanding a rigid diet on yourself (especially if you are struggling, stop and decide this fake sweetened treat may be ok in comparison to flip side of what you did before). I love eating low calorie / high volume eats. And its not always fake sweetened, I had a huge bowl of watermelon yesterday and that’s only 50 calories.

weight range

I use tdeecalculator.net for my calories. They take an estimation of calories based on various sources. Something I never look at is the weight they say you should be. My weight range is 125-132! I’m kind of surprised! You know what no I’m not! I’ve always held my weight a certain way, all over. And with that when I gain weight it takes a little longer to notice. I’m going to try to get to 135 as my goal. It’s not set in stone but as I go along I’ve been wondering if my ideal was a bit skewed due to my poor diet and how I hold my weight. I will try for a more leaner version of me and maintain from there. I’m kind of excited by the idea.

Has Your Long Term Weight Loss Goal Shifted?

When I first started trying to lose weight I struggled to get the scale to move down. I didn’t know what to eat or how to eat. Still struggle at times with coming up with creative or new ideas. To make it low calorie yet good. But I have gotten to a better place where I know how I should eat in comparison to where I was. I understand a little better about what works for me and what does not. I have no real craving for desserts or for salty foods. I have been a good place of making healthier choices, or at least trying my hardest.

But with that I have also realized that maybe for the first time in my life that the weight goal of 135 is attainable. I realize its just a number but the reality is its a healthy weight for my size. I had thought I’d never be able to get there or maintain it. Now I think maybe its actually possible. When I lose weight before it seemed kind of like a temp fix with no real strategy of how to maintain that way. Now I have an idea how I might be able to achieve it and maintain it. I am still way off from it but its definitely possible.

When I was 39, I lost weight and got to 144 pounds. I was thin and felt great. I stopped watching my calories and tried to maintain it by eating what I had eaten to lose it. I also added in foods I had missed. And I slowly just gained it all back. When my mother moved in a friend said that will be a 10 pound weight gain. Then when she got cancer, another 10 lb weight gain. Then covid a 10 lb weight gain! It was depressing and terrible gaining weight.

So I cannot help but wonder, did your goal change? I can see it reducing or deciding you aimed too low. I am at 160 and I feel pretty great! I feel thin in comparison to what I was before!

I have a friend who sells beach body products and she is 140 lbs and 5’2. She is in shape and in her 40’s. She looks great. Its interesting how weight goals can change when you start working out and eating better. Nothing wrong with that either.