Two steps forward and two steps back!

I am still recovering from this weekend! I am still amazed the past two weeks I have spent recovering from over-indulgence after the weekend. I also wonder if it was because I bought ham deli meat, for whatever reason when I eat extra sodium I retain water. I tossed it in the trash yesterday because I do have goals! I have returned back to 159, I am still sad to lose 158! But that’s okay I am still here, going in the correct direction. It’s important to realize the errors and to move forward and to not make those some mistakes. The Chinese food that I had wasn’t even worth it! I am proud of myself either way. It’d be ideal if the weight came off faster but the reality is that at least I am taking steps and that its pretty much a forever task since it is my health.

What do you do to stay on task and be positive?

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