There are ups and there are downs but I am amazed that I gained 1.5 pounds this weekend and its not just “water weight.” It makes me wonder what the heck is wrong with me that I can so easily gain weight! I had around 2000 calories that day that I had Chinese food. I also wonder if I am retaining water from pms.

This week is a busy week for me and I am not going to fall off track! We are doing school work before I start work and I have an interview project due this week. I have great ideas for it but at the same time I just want to get it done! But it also sounds like a good job opportunity so I’ll put my best foot forward.

I won’t let the number on the scale bring me down. Thought my post is labeled disappointed I am going to let it go and do my best again today and also focus on hydration. I wonder if I am just eating too much sodium. Last night I had a dinner that seems like it should be too many calories but claimed not to be. I wonder if I am eating too much dense meat in a serving. I have recently changed my diet slightly. I’ll keep at it and stay focused!

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