Choose your health, do you noom?

Do you noom? I am curious about those who have had success with noom. I love the concept of the positive psychology, the groups and coaches. Everyday you study the topics and articles they present you. They basically educate you about diet, exercise, and how to think in a more positive way about health and fitness. I started this program and I used it about a month. It wasn’t long enough but I lose interest because I had only lose a couple pounds and once I missed a day I felt behind. They changed the format from the original concept, slightly. Its a little more relaxed and if you miss a day you don’t feel like you have failed.

I guess I kind of do my own version of it. I have always been better at doing my own thing than following a program. I am not much for following directions.

I am always a fan of positive psychology and positive thinking. If you can change your mind set to look for the silver lining that makes a big difference.

One of the concepts they pushed with the original version of noom that I believe is no longer on there is weighing yourself daily. This has always been something that works well for me when I am trying to be more self aware. If I don’t look, it falls apart and I go off the wagon. I know not everyone is like this but for me I prefer to be aware of the scale and effects that foods and activities have on the scale. I know I have written about noom before but I always love contemplating the different plans and how effective they are!

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