Depression and weight

Because I had a hysterectomy but kept my ovaries, I still experience pms. In terms of what I had experienced before its insignificant! So please don’t let this sway you from potentially getting a hysterectomy, if you are at that crossroad! This decision was a difficult one for me but the right choice based on the suffering I had experienced.

With that said I have been doing great with eating better and exercising but this past week, I hit a brick wall, not wanting to exercise or do anything. Oddly, I actually felt like my joints ached and I was a lethargic. I have walked a couple of times this week but overall I didn’t do a lot.

One thing I have done, is stick to my diet! Because throughout this process I learned you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. There are no truer words than that. If you think because you work out you can eat whatever you want, I have bad news for you. You are either young or have an exceptional metabolism. The bad news is youth fades fast and metabolism can also change based on your hormones. So my point is that I knew I needed to be vigilant and stay with healthy eating at a calorie deficit.

But I did take some time off from fitness. I also had a week of heavy meetings and stress. We all know that fitness helps with stress. But yet here I am. So please don’t think because I am so focused, because I blog about my journey, because I am far from perfect. I am like you, and have days that I fall apart.

It’s ok to have feelings of sadness or stress but its what you do after you experience those feelings that makes the difference. Do you stay in a world of suffering or take steps to get back and love yourself! I choose love, where I get up and do my best.

The scale didn’t move as much this week and I wasn’t as hungry due to the lack of exercise but that’s ok. I want to get back to doing step, as I love that! And I also enjoy weight lifting. So here is to experiencing your feelings and emotions and being ok with those feelings.

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