Come So Far Yet Still So Chubby

I am so proud of the 15 pounds I have lost so far! I had bought clothing after we had come out of lockdown, knowing full well I was porkier. I think its ridiculous that clothing designers upped the size of clothing so interestingly I could not fit into my size 10’s at home but the new version of size 10’s fit me. Anyway, that is stupid and not the point. Today I have to actually leave the house for an appointment. With that said I got dressed and decided to throw on a pair of my old size 10’s, they “jeggings.” So they have the stretch everything. They are so tight on me and show off all the spots that are still very chubby. It was great getting them over my butt but, disappointing how far I need to go still.

My starting weight when I started trying to lose was the highest weight I had ever been. But I also find it interesting that after losing 15 pounds I feel thin! Because I have so much to go! I am amazing how the mind works and how you feel about things going along. I am far from at a healthy weight for my frame but I just wanted to come here and say my piece because I like to!

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