3 Reasons why Slow and Steady Weight Loss is BETTER

When did you first realize weight loss and fitness ads where junk? I was probably in my 20’s, when I realized that the people they showed in ads probably worked out for a career and they probably didn’t even do the fitness they are selling. I think it was the fitness machine called the Gazelle that made me realize. It was the most non-workout, workout that I had ever done!

We even see it on youtube now, the youtubers that market their experience as how I lost 30 pounds in 30 days. Are you kidding me? I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I cannot imagine that type of weight loss, if its possible, is remotely healthy for your body or sustainable.

So for as impatient as I am, so weight loss is better for a couple reasons:

  1. Education. So while it takes a long time and you dream of the instant fix, the slow weight loss teaches you how to live your life this new and healthier way. But it also teaches you, it took this long when you let yourself go to get back to a place you feel proud of, so don’t do it again! Love yourself!
  2. Appreciation. I kind already said this tied in with the education point, but you will appreciate your loss and value your hard work.
  3. Health. You want to lose the weight for health reasons, not just your blood pressure but there are mental health issues associated with the weight as well. Its depressing just letting yourself go and being obsessively negative (that was how it was for me) about my image. When you lose rapidly again, it cannot be healthy to put your body into this rapid loss mode, what creates that could be causing other problems.

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