Love feeling smaller

I am the type who gains weight everywhere. So weight loss is slow for me and hard to notice. I’ve lost almost 15 lbs now but I still have another 15 – 20 more. But today when I got dressed and put on a smaller bra and a shirt I actually felt smaller. My pants that didn’t fit a few weeks ago actually button! They are still tight on my waste because I still need to lose more weight. BUT with that said it feels pretty great. I like having a smaller bust size! Some people like having a larger bust but not me. I think its my body type, but it seems sloppy and like its not good looking!

I reached my 159 goal on Friday but bounced back up to 161.4 after having drinks and salty food this weekend. I spent yesterday drinking lots of water and eating well, and I am back at 160. It amazes me that even though I didn’t eat a lot of calories the fluctuation those foods caused! Today and tomorrow I have stressful meetings so I am hoping that I will make it through those and not gain a bunch of stress weight (if thats a thing). I have made healthy and good food choices so far. I cut calories in a few places and just had a nice lunch of a turkey burger on a wrap and a protein bar!

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