Has Your Long Term Weight Loss Goal Shifted?

When I first started trying to lose weight I struggled to get the scale to move down. I didn’t know what to eat or how to eat. Still struggle at times with coming up with creative or new ideas. To make it low calorie yet good. But I have gotten to a better place where I know how I should eat in comparison to where I was. I understand a little better about what works for me and what does not. I have no real craving for desserts or for salty foods. I have been a good place of making healthier choices, or at least trying my hardest.

But with that I have also realized that maybe for the first time in my life that the weight goal of 135 is attainable. I realize its just a number but the reality is its a healthy weight for my size. I had thought I’d never be able to get there or maintain it. Now I think maybe its actually possible. When I lose weight before it seemed kind of like a temp fix with no real strategy of how to maintain that way. Now I have an idea how I might be able to achieve it and maintain it. I am still way off from it but its definitely possible.

When I was 39, I lost weight and got to 144 pounds. I was thin and felt great. I stopped watching my calories and tried to maintain it by eating what I had eaten to lose it. I also added in foods I had missed. And I slowly just gained it all back. When my mother moved in a friend said that will be a 10 pound weight gain. Then when she got cancer, another 10 lb weight gain. Then covid a 10 lb weight gain! It was depressing and terrible gaining weight.

So I cannot help but wonder, did your goal change? I can see it reducing or deciding you aimed too low. I am at 160 and I feel pretty great! I feel thin in comparison to what I was before!

I have a friend who sells beach body products and she is 140 lbs and 5’2. She is in shape and in her 40’s. She looks great. Its interesting how weight goals can change when you start working out and eating better. Nothing wrong with that either.

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