The Weight Loss Struggle

I belong to a few weight loss groups online and I see two different struggles that are common. The first the person who is always on a diet but never actually sticks to it and can’t commit. The second is the person who is doing everything they can and still aren’t losing. I am nutritionist or healthcare worker, and everyone is different but based on my experience I know what its like to be in bother positions and this article is about those two struggles.

The Person Who Can’t Seem to Commit
Every Monday you promise to start, or every big important event you want to start but NEVER do. Or you do but give up by noon due to frustration and stress. I have been here, I think we have to reach that breaking point of realizing this isn’t what I want for myself. Every single day at the end of the day I’d beat myself up for eating badly and not exercising. Swearing to myself tomorrow was the day. Also having every single excuse in the book, like what will eat everyday (like having a meal plan will change it?). I know how you feel. I have been there too.

I knew I wanted to address my weight after I got my hysterectomy. I had hoped that my uterus weighed 30 pounds but it didn’t. It really didn’t become an issue of I had enough of being chubby and getting chubbier by the day, until my daughter was embarrassed by my appearance when we were out walking together. She’s embarrassed by everything I do, at her current age, but this really hit home because it embarrassed me as well. And I knew she wasn’t trying to be mean or offend me. And I knew what saw and felt was true.

I decided I didn’t care what I did I was changing my life and sticking to it. I love writing and blogging the experience has helped me stay motivated as well. It’s also help me to realize some things about my diet and emotional eating. But the point here is you need to be ready. And the first place to jump in and start is tracking calories and portioning, adding small things in will make a big difference. If you just start to be aware and take those steps, you have officially started your journey and it doesn’t need to be an elaborate diet plan!

Weight Loss Resistant!
The second person is the one says they are doing everything right but still not losing weight. There is nothing more frustrating than this. And then when you go to forums or discussions groups and they say pay no attention to the scale. That is how I got into this situation!! Or the advice of stick with it, it takes time. Yes, they are right but there is nothing more frustrating that seeing no results or .2 pounds in a month! What the?!

So my advice again, is from a web developer, please take it with a grain of salt! I was struggling to see the scale move too. I like weighing myself daily to know how foods impact my body. This is important to me. If you wanted to grow plants in your garden and test which plant fertilizers work better, you’d experiment over time. You may need to do the same with your body, and I know if you are like me you will think, but what if I gain when I do this or that? Don’t worry about it you spent years of being on the downward slope you are making attempts to change for the better. This is a positive journey. Test out different foods, calorie counts, for a week or two and record your progress. Perhaps, you aren’t doing as much exercise as the calorie app says and you need a lower deficit. Or maybe your measurements are off on the portions, invest in a food scale ($9 on amazon!).

My advice is to mix it up and keep trying because once you commit to you, all you have is time! Keep researching healthy eats, recipes and tips. It will help keep you motivated. You are worth caring about yourself daily!

In closing, this is something that stays with me and seems silly but I have to mention it. All the times in my life where I have made major changes that have been positive have been around the 27 / 28th of the month. If you believe in numerology or specific dates being positive to you that might help! I didn’t plan to start on that date but just noticed a pattern for me during my lifetime of that date being a good start for positive change.

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