Big Changes while Dieting

Life happens. Things change all the time and it can be so stressful. I don’t like change at all. Also part of why I gained 30++ pounds over the past couple years. Lots of change in a bad way. So I have upcoming change and events that I dislike. Its stressful for me. I struggle with my focus when things like this happen. So I need to stay focused on what is important to me. To do this I will start with a list of what is important:

  • Staying on task on my diet and eating healthier
  • Exercising daily
  • Helping my daughter with virtual school in a positive way

It amazes me that when I have to do things out of the ordinary I can be so thrown off. I have at two day meeting coming up and another meeting at the end of the week. I also know for a fact I have a huge change coming as I want to leave my job for a new one. I have been interviewing with no success yet. But to stay on task with eating I need to prep meals and make sure I have options available that are healthier so I don’t indulge randomly.

Daily exercise actually helps with all this, to keep me on track and to help with stress. It helps to calm my mind and body and as much as I want to lay down and do nothing when I am taxed out, that is the worst thing for me.

The big one is my daughter. She is now doing virtual school and we love it but its a challenge for us to find balance when we start. She is so resistant to WORK. I have to work on my behavior towards her resistance. I find it very challenging since I work full time. But something interesting about education that you may not have realized is if you think outside of the box its actually the same concept. She is still learning and hopefully I am teaching her things that are value while growing into being a worker bee.

I woke up today unfocused and stressed out feeling. I know what my daughter needs to do today. Now what it is that I need to do! I haven’t done much this week! Well I have focused on my blog but I love that.

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