1 more pound

1 MORE to get to my short term goal of 159!!!! That will put me 14 pounds lost!!! Wholly crap right. I can do this!! I hope to see this by next Wednesday or so!! So exciting. Today I hit 160.8!! This journey is slow and long but its coming along. So when you on the scale and think but I have 20 pounds to go just imagine if you hadn’t started a month ago, a week ago or yesterday! If you make that choice to go in a positive direction instead of just living randomly and succumbing to stress and binging. I know it takes a long time but everyday that you show up for yourself is one more day. So my wise friend once said yeah it takes a long a time but if you weren’t doing this you could be the amount of weight you are down, on the upside from your starting weight. The way I was heading was a constant upward motion. I was not treating myself well or taking consideration to my health.

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