Emotional Eating

This is such a challenge to overcome. The first time when emotional eating reared its ugly head for me, I remember thinking I’d lose weight after I got through this really difficult time. It was when my ex and I first separated and I needed to sell the house and move. It was so overwhelming for me. I was stressed and depressed. I didn’t have time to consider myself but just ate horribly and used this as an excuse. I was able to reel this back in eventually but it took time.

The next time I fell apart was when my father died and I inherited my mother. Then she got cancer. That was a difficult time in my life. And this time in my life rolled into buying a house, covid shutdowns, child at home schooling, a new job etc.

The reality is that life is a constant roller coaster of times like this. It happens to us all the time because things fall apart all the time. Reaching for food and laying on the couch is not the answer. I know sometimes it hard to find other answers because I am you, I struggle with this too.

The truth is you are responsible for you and your health. Falling apart and hoping for a savior or a fix is silly, because its never going to happen. You need to step up and care for yourself no matter how difficult it is. Your body and health is YOUR EVERYTHING. Without this you have nothing.

There are certain times during the day this is worse for me. Typically, its at the end of a long stressful day at work. I am starving. If I am not mindful of being in this state I will mindlessly stuff food in my mouth while cooking dinner.

So how to stop this? To help control this I will drink water while making dinner. Another trick is have a clear meal plan ahead of time. This helps to eliminate the possibility of veering off course. If you eat a handful of chips before dinner you already had 140 calories. The truth is if you are accountable to yourself and honest about what is going into your mouth by logging it all you will be more aware.

What about when you just don’t care? I know what that feels like. Try to busy yourself with the task at hand. Typically that feeling hits me at the end of the day. I try to hang strong and realize that tomorrow will be a fresh start. It’s your health. You can do this because you matter even if some days your brain lies to you and tries to sabotage you!

How do you help curb your emotional eating?

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