2 Hacks to Lose Weight Faster

These two hacks are so easy and you’d be surprised what a difference they will make in your diet. If you are like me and your body is resistant losing weight try these hacks:

  1. HYDRATION! If you are dieting and the scale isn’t moving or its moving really slow and you are wonder what am I doing wrong? Why isn’t this working for me?? Make sure you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. I didn’t think this mattered but it does! You will almost immediately see a difference in the scale.

    So oddly enough if you are not properly hydrated your body will retain water! What the heck right? It’s true. This actually happened to me and it made it slow for me to lose. If I drink tons of water, the weight comes off more easily. Its a challenge to drink it all but do your best. Your best is probably better than what you were doing!
  2. CALORIE DEFICIT! The best way to lose weight is a calorie deficit, while eating foods that are low calorie and high volume. Think of it as a journey of finding food options that you enjoy. There are tons of videos on Youtube with food ideas. I started using the number found here: tdeecalculator.net instead of the built in number that my food tracking app gave me. Two sub-bullets to this are:
    1. ZIGZAG! Two days a week I eat maintenance level calories. Its usually on the weekend but you can do whatever day you want. This helps with your metabolism so you won’t plateau. Typically I will eat cheat foods one meal that day and I still have calories left. When I started dieting I was plateaued right out of the gate, while doing 1200 calories a day. When I changed these items it made a big difference!
    2. FOOD TRACKER AND FIT TRACKER APPS! Don’t bother counting your calories burned! You can count them but don’t deduct them from your daily intake of calories unless you are losing weight too quickly. I haven’t experienced that but maybe you will? These numbers are not accurate and appear to be overinflated!

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