Can You be Too Focused?

How many calories is this? What is the weight of that? Did I go over? Did I get enough water? Did I exercise enough?

It is possible to be too focused when you are trying to lose weight? The other day while out with my daughter she bought buttered popcorn. I read that back and commented it was only 50 calories per a serving so I could have some. She then commented I was always worried about this! I have been enjoying researching and finding options that are different but still good. So I have been vocal about this and I have been strategizing my days!

If I was quitting smoking (which I did when I was 21), it was my whole focus for this first 6 months to insure I was on track and that I was prepared to tackle moments. Its hard to change a habit. I always feel like when you are on-the-wagon and around old friends you used to eat big with or smoke or drink its the hardest. You feel like a killjoy! Its about balance with food because you still need to eat. Smoking is about elimination. Drinking can be both.

So does the focus border on obsession? I’d say it has to but that you need to keep it positive. Like eating too many year calories and driving yourself crazy or exercising obsessively, that would be too focused. While you change your current habits it really needs to be in the forefront of your mind. First to make sure you are on track, and second to make sure you are cataloging so much! Some examples of new things you need to watch for as you develop these new habits are recipes, calorie hacks, and on the more in-depth side noticing the foods that make your retain water. The truth is, if you are like me you need to live on maintenance mode. Maybe you are one of those lucky people, and maybe someday I will be too and I will know without counting every calorie. But think of your weight loss time as school and hopefully you will graduate but at the end when you do, you aren’t done. You need to know and see what maintenance calories look like before you say – tah dah!

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