Measurement Day

Last week I opted to skip this because the changes are so insignificant that it wasn’t worth it. The changes are still really slow but I have lost a lot of inches overall (probably due to surgery swelling in my mid section). Brace yourself I have lost 12 pounds and 13 13/16 inches! WTH? What fascinates me with this number again is the size of my clothing. I was busting at the seams, as I am still wearing the same size as I was almost 14 inches ago and it just fits now! I am endlessly amazed how my weight gain is EVERYWHERE!! 161 pounds is not a normal size for someone who is 5’6! Yet I fit into a same size 10 that I fit into before. My waist has seen a biggest drop but that is due to surgery swelling, with 5 inches lost.

I am proud of myself and I will keep at it.

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