Egg White Breakfast Wrap – 160 Calories

I have been trying to eat low calorie, high volume foods. This morning I made a delicious breakfast wrap that was low calorie and filling. If I had known it was this low of calorie I would have added another sausage or more cheese! I didn’t realize until after. Here is the recipe:

A cup of spinach

2 mushrooms sliced

1/4 egg whites

1 wheat tumaro wrap

1 maple sausage

1 ultra thin slice of provolone cheese

I sautéed the spinach and mushrooms with cooking spray and water, be sure to drain off excess water! Cook sausage and slice it into small pieces. Add in 1/4 of egg whites and mix together. Put the wrap on the griddle with a slice of cheese then add your egg mixture and fold it up. EAT!

Because today is my zigzag day I will be having dinner and drinks later so I am ok with this lower calorie breakfast. On a normal low calorie day I might keep the meal this low so I can have a protein bar later in the day when I’m craving dessert!

Please share your hacks for cutting calories?

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