Down 12 Pounds!!

The weight I started at was the highest I have ever weighed while not being pregnant! So yes I am down 12 pounds but I still have about 22 more to go. Last night I was wondering why I am doing all this! I kid you not there are days when I question if I should bother. Do other people feel this way when they are trying to be healthier and lose weight? I don’t want to give up because I love myself and these thoughts are typically at the end of the day. I wonder why I am bothering and I think its the end of the day just relax tomorrow is a new beginning. And here I am at tomorrow feeling good again.

I really can’t believe I have lost 12 pounds and how much more I still have! It’s much slower than I imagined but again my favorite saying is if I wasn’t doing this where would I be? 12 pounds up from 174!!? 186??

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