Day 60 of my Journey!

It’s day 60 of sticking with me so I can feel more healthy and better about myself. Not going to lie to you, there are days! I am officially down 11 pounds in two months, give or take an ounce. That’s pretty amazing despite feeling like I wish it was faster! So I feel like I am officially at a good spot of good food options. I am always wanting to HAVE more options but I’ve actually been trying different products and not just sticking with standby of only set options. My goal is three meals a day under 300 calories each.

It’s going well and I am not giving up. I also like using the zigzag diet method! I am really amazed that I’ve lost 11 pounds, I still have 23 pounds to go. Last time I lost weight when I hit around 144 I stopped tracking. I don’t plan to do that. I want to stay with this to get to 135 – 140 lbs. Then go into maintenance mode where I still track.

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