Diet Industry: AKA The Broken System

Here in America if you look around you, you will see the true pandemic isn’t covid19, but obesity. Obesity creeps around us under the guise that something is wrong with those people. What are they doing wrong? Is it really us?

Our culture has been under attack for 50 years now, and its not just the family unit that is suffering, but individual health both mental and physical. At first it may be difficult to see because it was slow moving insidious how it creeped in to our health, science, and diet industries. But you can see these problems in our people.

Remember when covid first started we had no idea what to do, because no one knew anything about it. The way it was handled was not from a leadership standpoint, in any part of the world. All leaders seemed to react the same and all front facing health officials seem to be just as wishy-washy as the next. Now, look back to how the diet industry has been handled? The onslaught of diets, what works, what doesn’t work, its constantly changing. And the “foods” we have so easily accessible to us are loaded with chemicals. The same chemicals if you spoon-fed them to a child you’d be arrested for child abuse or trying to kill them.

You may think its FREEDOM to eat whatever you want and sit around doing whatever you want. Yes, I agree as an individual we have the choices and the tools, but realize that we have been deceived with confusion. This is our life we are given, and we have only right now. But please be aware, as you can take control of what might be out of control for you, it wasn’t because you just so happened to land here. The state you are in, needing to lose weight or out of shape has been by design. You have control of you, please take this control and do your best to NOT let the diet / health industry continue to steer you in the direction of being fat and sick. These systems in place have turned into toxic relationships. Let’s join together and tell them no thank you.

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