Weight loss plan, what works for you?

This is fascinating to me as everyone is different. I wonder what works for you to consistently stay on track and keep going down in weight? And what is normal for you? Right now I aim for 1150 calories a day, and based on the foods I am eating for the most part I am not feeling like I am deprived. When I do feel this way, once a week I enjoy extra calories under 1700. But I find it interesting with those calories, and with getting up and moving for an hour a day I am losing around 1 pound per a week. To me that seems like not very much. And if you go research there will be naysayers that claim I am cutting my calories too much. This is also not true as my scale was not moving with 1300 calories, or with me eating 1250 and subtracting calories burned! When I first started on Jun 27 I was seeing about 1 pound ever two weeks. I switched over to NOT paying any attentions to calories burned and used the number from TDEECalculator.net to get my weight loss caloric intake. As long as I am swapping calories around and trying to eat things I enjoy I am ok! It’s not deprivation and gross stuff that you think of with a diet. And let me tell you, when are eating less, and eating healthier you really appreciate the meals you get.

I am also 46 years old and I just had a hysterectomy (still have my ovaries). I do wonder if my hormones are changing causing me to lose weight much slower than someone who is younger. Since I started my waist is almost 5 inches smaller!!!

Please share, what works for you?

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