Reality Check

When you first start dieting and exercising you are hit with a big reality check. The one where you realize weight loss is a slow and life long process. Its not just from her to the pretty dress or vacation. If you are in it for that you will realize quickly that it’ll come back once you stop trying to be focused. The truth is, if you aren’t one of those people who are naturally thin then you are with me in the battle. I know some are more fortunate than others. It’s just how life goes. You win some, lose some. No matter what!

The reality is if you are finding yourself in the position of needing to lose 20 + pounds there is a good chance you might be life me. You might need to always make sure you are within specific calories even after you lose the weight that you want to lose. My experience with my mother, who struggled with eating disorders for many years is that she always would say, “what am I am I going to do when I get to my goal weight.” Like as though there was no choice but to keep dieting at that point so you might as well give in? And as silly as it sounds that kind of stuck with me.

The last time I lost weight after I lost it I liked where I was at a weight that wasn’t my goal and then I started to just eyeball my calories. That got me here today, struggling to lose 30 pounds. Its interesting when you are on the up and if you life is full of stress you will make excuses. Well I did!

Point of this post is that sometimes when we start dieting we need a little reality check about your goal and your future.

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