Intuitive eating

This non diet, diet plan seems like such a great concept. By not focusing on food and just eating what you want that is “healthy” you will lose weight. I’m sorry that I can’t get over how dumb this concept is.

I mean yes, in theory it probably works for some people, because there is always someone. BUT we have gained weight for a reason, and I’d venture to say we were intuitively eating already. I know some people struggle with binge eating and the pressure of a diet and maybe the relax concept helps them?! But for me I just go off the rails on the crazy train. I really thrive on structure. If I have a guided concept I can keep going.

I know I’ve talked about this before, with the f it diet. They are very similar. I feel like those who gain tend to be out of control, and need to take some sort of control. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what works for me.

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